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2023 All Star Results


10-12 BRLL All Stars



8-10 BRLL All Stars


8-10 BRLL SOFTBALL All Stars  




10-12 BRLL All Stars


8-10 BRLL All Stars


8-10 BRLL SOFTBALL All Stars @ Georgia Little League 

Game 1: WIN (first BRLL softball all star win ever!) 17-15
Game 2: LOSS 0-15
Game 3: WIN 17 - 11
Game 4: LOSS 2-14, eliminated





Browns River LL chooses players after the halfway point of each season to play on 3 All-Star Teams: 8-10 year-olds (advanced 8 year olds), 9-11 year-olds, and 10-12 year-olds. The 8-10 and 10-12 teams play longer tournaments with pool play and double elimination rounds. These tournaments can last up to 2 weeks beginning in late June and into July. If the team advances to the State Tournament, an additional 2 weeks should be expected. It is a big commitment and any player that is selected and commits MUST be available for a minimum of the district and state tournaments (if the team advances that far). Players that cannot commit to a potential month-long stretch of baseball after the regular season are generally not considered for All-Star teams. 


The 9-11 All-Star team plays a shorter tournament in late June that consists of a 2 week double elimination tournament only. This is a good option for players/families chosen for the other/longer All-Star Teams but just can’t commit to such a long stretch for the other tournaments. The 9-11 All-Star Team is an important tournament team and we strive to put together a strong group like the other teams. BRLL stays committed to each All-Star Team equally. 


BRLL is not fielding a 8-10 year-old team this year.  This is the case for other local leagues as well.  


Assembling Browns River All-Star teams is a multi-step process outlined below.




All BRLL regular season head coaches and assistants are eligible to submit their names for consideration. Selection is made based on a combined peer coach vote AND a board member vote. A coach must have coached for a minimum of 50% of their regular season team games and must fully commit 100% to All-Star practices and schedules. (If no regular season coaches wish to coach or assist the All-Star team, then the board may okay other interested candidates.)


Interested league managers and coaches submit their name to the BRLL president and baseball commissioner for consideration. This list is then sent to their peers (all head and assistant coaches) in their respective DIVISION for feedback and a vote. The peer coach vote counts as 40% of the total. The board members then vote for their choice, which counts for 60% of the total.


The board tallies the votes and informs the league’s coaches of the choice.

The All-Star Manager then selects TWO additional coaches to round out the staff.  No more/no less than THREE TOTAL COACHES (1 manager, 2 coaches) are required for All-Star game play.  However, an unlimited number of coaches may assist in All-Star practices OFF SITE of tournament. When tournament play begins, only the team’s 3 Coaches may be on the field/in dugout. Any other coaches must REMAIN in the stands and REFRAIN from any coaching. Coaches in the stands must NOT offer any help, guidance, bookkeeping, or stats that can be passed on to the official coaching staff during games. 


All-Star MANAGERS AND COACHES ARE REQUIRED TO CONFORM TO LITTLE LEAGUE RULES AND STIPULATIONS. Managers and coaches will meet with the commissioner and/or a previous All-Star manager to go over All-Star tournament rules, regulations, and expectations before All-Star practice begins. 


Any purposeful conduct that harms Browns River Little League or its players, intentional breaking of rules, cheating, personal misconduct, action that denigrates the game, or verbal abuse of volunteers, umpires, opposing coaches or players will result in the immediate removal of manager or coaching responsibilities for the remainder of the season.     




All regular season head coaches, in consultation with their assistants, are asked to submit  players from their teams for consideration to the All-Star squads to the Manager and Coaches of the All-Star teams and to the commissioner, and their reasons for selection if asked. A (Little League USA rule) minimum of 12 and  maximum of 14 players per team will be considered (less than 12 players only allowed via waiver from District Commissioner). The All-Star Manager and Coaches will then choose the roster based on these submissions. League managers and coaches may come together and discuss as a collaborative process if desired. However, the All-Star Manager will have final say on all roster decisions. 


Due to the small size of BRLL, the league is confident that all coaches are familiar with players in the league and are confident in their judgement of player skill and potential fits on All-Star teams. The league believes an All-Star tryout is unnecessary due to the small size of the league player pool. Coaches are evaluating players from the very start of the season!




Managers and coaches will consider players’ skills, talents, niche roles, and just as importantly, coachability and attitude. A gifted baseball player who doesn’t listen to coaches, is a poor teammate, and/or displays bad sportsmanship probably will not make an All-Star team. 


BRLL and the commissioner will back managers’ and coaches’ decisions almost universally. Parents’ opinions of their children are often different from coaches’ opinions. Expectations and opinions of a child’s skill are subjective - there is no completely right or completely wrong evaluation of a child by BOTH parents and coaches. 


As the managers and coaches have been voted to lead these teams by their peers (and have volunteered their time and efforts all season to coach these kids), the league will most often support managers and coaches when making player decisions. Although BRLL encourages open and frank discussions with coaches, parents, players, and board members, league officials (e.g. BRLL President, VP, Baseball Commissioner, etc) will usually NOT step in if a parent believes their child should be on a team but isn’t, or if their child isn’t playing enough, or isn’t playing a position they think they should be playing. 


One of the most common complaints from parents is unequal or a lack of playing time in All-StarsSubbing rules during the All-Star tournaments are extremely rigid.  For example - players are “married” to each other in the lineup, so bench player “C” for example can ONLY sub for starter “A.”. They cannot sub with anyone else. This limits the amount of playing time subs get during games and can lead to hard feelings among players and parents. They’ll make the decision they think is BEST for the team or the situation, and BRLL will support that decision. Typically the only time the commissioner or board member may step in is in cases of significant evidence of personal bias toward a player or family that goes beyond the bounds of baseball, threat of injury or harm to a child, misconduct by the coach, or any unsportsmanlike action outlined above in the manager conduct section. 


BRLL STRONGLY encourages parents to refrain from making complaints or comments to the coaches during games or directly following games. A 24 hour cooling off period is the best way to make your voice heard to a coach.  If you believe there has been personal bias toward a player or family that goes beyond the bounds of baseball, threat of injury or harm to a child, misconduct by the coach, or any unsportsmanlike action outlined above in the manager conduct section, please contact the BRLL President or Vice President.  


The league “PLAYER AGENT” is another great resource to make your voice heard - he or she is the league advocate for your child. Please see the website for contact details -, or email [email protected] for more info, questions, or concerns. 


Parents and players MUST understand that All-Star play is different than regular season play and that equal playing time is not possible. 


Playing Time:  The Little League Official Regulations and Playing Rules book mandates that, based on a 12 player roster, all players must play a minimum of one at bat and six consecutive defensive outs.  For a 13-14 player roster, all players are required to have at least one at bat only.   


Please understand that as All-Star play is a highly competitive season, this may be the only playing time that your child receives in any given game. Playing time will NOT be equal for all players and is at the sole discretion of the manager. BRLL and the commissioner will back the managers and coaches in their decisions unless an obvious bias exists.  


Regular season is for equal playing time and building skills. The primary goal of the All-Star season is to win the tournament. The Managers and Coaches will try to build and field the best team possible in order to win these tournaments. 


Your child may be selected because he/she fills a valuable role on the team. He may be a good pitcher but not as good at hitting. He may be a fast runner, or a terrific outfielder. The manager’s job is to define these roles and fit the players in on the team as best as he can. Again, as a parent YOU WILL NOT ALWAYS AGREE WITH THE MANAGER. But the league will almost always back the manager’s decision.   


All-Stars is TEAM FIRST, INDIVIDUAL SECOND. If you, as a parent, are uncomfortable with the idea of your child not playing every inning, or only playing an inning or 2, or only getting 1 at-bat per game, serious thought should be given to committing to All-Stars.    


Player Commitment:  Players are expected to try as hard as they can to be at all practices and games. BRLL understands summer is a busy time for families - if you are going to miss a practice or a game, make sure the manager knows and okays it. 




Player and parent acceptance of each pledge below is a requirement to participate with Browns River Little League All-Stars. Please initial each pledge and return this contract to your All-Star coach during the first practice or meeting.


PLAYER PLEDGE: (player reads and initials below)


I understand that the goal of BRLL All-Stars is to WIN, NOT for equal play for all players (and is in fact not possible due to strict sub rules in tournaments).

I understand that All-Stars is about the TEAM, not the INDIVIDUAL PLAYER.

I understand that I must commit to attending every AllStar practice and game; if I can’t I will make sure I or my parents discuss it with the team manager BEFORE All-Star season starts.

I understand that I must be a good teammate even if I’m frustrated by my playing time. I will cheer on my team in the dugout and on the field at all times. I will ACT like an All-Star in the dugout.

I understand that it is OK for me to be frustrated by my playing time and that it is OK for me to talk to my coaches about it.

I understand that I made this All-Star team for a reason - that I’m worthy of being on this team. I must be ready to enter the game and give it my all at any moment.

I understand that I made this team because I play a valuable role - it might be to come in and pitch an inning or 2, or catch behind the plate, or for my fast baserunning, or for my good defense.

I understand that I MIGHT only get just 1 at bat during the game, and I will make the most of it.

I understand that I MIGHT only get 2 innings in the field, and I will be ready!

I understand that being selected for an All-Star team is a great honor and that many kids were NOT selected for the team. I will remain HUMBLE, yet proud, about the selection.

I understand that while it is okay for me to be frustrated about playing time, I UNDERSTAND that this was a possibility when I was selected for this team and I will not let it distract from our goal to WIN. I will use my frustration as MOTIVATION to give it my all when I do play.



PLAYER SIGNATURE: ____________________________________   DATE: ________________


PARENT PLEDGE: (parent or guardian reads and initials below)


I understand that my opinion of my child’s ability is probably different than the coaches’ opinion, but I will respect the decisions made by them.

I understand that the All-Star coach(es) have worked hard throughout the regular season and have donated time, effort, and energy to the league and to my child, and that they have watched and evaluated my child all season and have a good grasp on their abilities.

I understand that All-Star season can be an emotional time for everyone, including the coaches, and that they are doing their best within the constraints of All-Star Tournament rules.

I will wait AT LEAST 24 hours after a game has ended to speak to a coach about my child’s playing time or other decisions made during the game. I understand emotions and feelings can be raw during and right after a game and this can put undue stress on a coach who has just gone through a potentially emotional game.

I understand that it is a big honor for my child to be on the All-Star team, and no matter how much he/she plays, they’re a big part of the team.

I understand and accept that my child may only hit ONCE per game, or play a MAX of 2 innings per game.


  • If there are 12 players on a team, every player must have at least 1 at bat and 6 consecutive outs in the field
  • If there are 13 players, every player only has to hit at least 1 time during the game.

This may be MAXIMUM playing time my child receives in a game.

I understand that equal playing time in All-Stars tournaments is NOT possible.

(For example: if there are 12 players on a team, that means that there are 3 subs (start on the bench), and that those 3 players have to sub for 3 other SPECIFIC PLAYERS, so they are paired to each other in the lineup and may NOT sub for anyone else.

THIS MEANS THAT 6 PLAYERS WILL TYPICALLY PLAY EVERY INNING IN A GAME, and the 6 others will be subbing in and out for each other.)

I understand that the All-Star manager was selected to lead the team by his/her coaching peers AND by the board members of BRLL, and that he/she has the full confidence of them. While it is okay to disagree with the coaches’ decisions, if I talk to the coach(es) I will do so in a respectful manner.




PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE: ___________________________________   DATE: __________     

Historical results, 10-12 yr old tournaments

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8-10 Tournaments


2016 DISTRICT 3 CHAMPIONS: Coaches Steve Combs, Dan Randall, Sean Jones

Coaches Jon St. Amour, Andy Tosch, Gary Rogers

Coaches Norm Atherton, Jon St. Amour, Tobey Sicard

Coaches Norm Atherton, Jon St. Amour, Tobey Sicard

9-11 Tournaments


2019 DISTRICT 3 CHAMPIONS: Coaches Dan Peck, Tim Brisbin, BJ Allaire

 10-12 Tournaments


2020 DISTRICT 3 CHAMPIONS: Coaches Bill LaPorte, Jon St. Amour, Brian Dumais

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